1000 Hektar Kunst

During summer of 2022 we participated in a series of workshops and performances about the complex relations between artists and the countryside with all four members of our family, infusing the context of a theatrical production with our ongoing research about the family as a performing body, and de-hierarchising performance and production. The project “1000 Hektar Kunst” had been initiated by the Berlin based performance artist Carola Lehmann and was financed through a post-corona recovery program for artists, initiated by the German funding body “Fonds Darstellende Künste“.

The workshops took place on Schloss Bröllin, a former farming community in the remote Northeast corner of Germany, close to the Polish border, and in some surrounding villages. Based on conversations and interviews with people they met, the participating artists produced theatrical scenes that were presented during festivities in two of the villages.

B&W contributed a series of large handmade books (inspired by our friend and colleague Margaret Dragu) and sheets of handmade paper, which were used to record thoughts and reactions of villagers and artists. One of our books was exhibited during a conference in Berlin that brought together participants of several artistic laboratories that had researched consequences of the Covid-pandemic for the work of artists.

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