B&W Art and Support

B&W stands for Dorte and Jörn Burmester Wium. We founded our association in summer 2018 as an umbrella for both our own art projects and our work with other artists and companies. Art and Support stands for these two types of projects that we undertake under our new label.

Between us, we share more than half a century of experience in performance, art and theatre, working in pretty much any job, function or type of project you can imagine.

B&W is the brand for all of our own projects. Dorte and Jörn share responsibility for artistic ideas, conceptual development and production. Projects can begin as ideas for performance art works or events, installations, hybrids merging theatre or exhibition with performance art, topical research projects or educational projects, and will go wherever they take us.

Presently, non-hierarchical teaching and learning in art and life is a central interest. In December 2018 we produced our first Teaching Each Other Lab in collaboration with Peruvian performance artist and scenographer Jorge Tadeo Baldeón. It was selected as one of the ten most important Forsøg in the history of Forsøgsstationen. The work continues with the Teach Each Other Mondays, a regular Monday morning training and exchange format running since 2020.

B&W work for you
What sets us apart from other foreningen in the performing art world is that we offer our expertise to projects initiated by others in performing arts, theatre, dance, performance art and visual arts. We use our broad skill set to collaborate with artists and companies in all phases of the production, as fully immersed members of a team, knowledgeable outside eyes, or we simply lend a hand on a busy day. 

One or both of us will join your Team as performer, producer, production manager, production accountant, road manager, technical director, curator, dramaturg, author, consultant, outside eye, grant writer, stagehand, roadie or driver, according to need.

Following our belief in non-hierarchical art production, we will engage in any work entrusted to us like it was our own. Any job we accept will be executed with the utmost care.

Among our clients are renowned Danish dance, theatre and performance companies Recoil Performance Group, Live Art Danmark, Livingstone’s Cabinet and Det Olske Orkester.

Forsøgsstationen is our regular partner as the host for our Teach Each Other events.

In 2018 we received funding from Statens Kulturfonds for Teaching Each Other Lab.

In June 2021 we were invited to a family residency withing the new BIRCA Kids program.

In 2021 we received funding for the Stammbaum Project by the Danish Culture Ministry.