96 Fears

We were invited to participate in the program Stel de stad een vraag (Ask the city a question) by Hans Overvliet of Ruimte Caesuur in Middelburg in the Netherlands in August 2017. We decided to make a durational performance, where we interviewed people we met in the streets about their fears, and document their answers in the public space and in an exhibition.

For one day, we pushed a bicycle trailer loaded with red signs through the streets of the city and asked people we met about their fears. Their answers were printed with white stamping ink onto the signs, which were then hammered into the ground as close to the place of the encounter as possible. On the back of the signs was a sticker, asking finders to bring them to gallery Ruimte Caesuur, were a random exhibition of found signs grew during the days following the action.

See the complete documentation in this catalogue.

We contributed art works to two more group events organised by Ruimte Caesuur since. We contributed a black and gold kite with the word GOOD printed on it to Flying Kites With CAESUUR in 2018, and floated a poster in the Baltic Sea for Distant Suffering XXII/i.d. of inequality (see page 62/63 of the catalogue and the video below).