(Chosen) Family (Tree) Party

Das Familiensystem ist das Kunstsystem.
Das Kunstsystem ist das Familiensystem.

Motto for all Burmester Wium Family Art Projects.

When David Sebastian Restrepo Lopez asked us to participate in the Cyber Bodies Festival, an online version of the long standing performance art festival he has been curating with his label Performance Køkkenet in Copenhagen, we decided to put a new idea to the test.

Instead of complaining about the lack of time and place to create art work in the middle/next to/during family life, we decided to include the creation of art work into the everyday workings of our family. The audience will be exposed to the same interventions and distractions we are, getting dinner on the table, helping with homework or changing diapers become artistic gestures, and our daughters are always performers in our work, visible or not.

Here are some images and a full length video of the performance from Performance Køkkenet’s Facebook page.