Prekære Balancer

Public Workshop

Our second island project in summer 2021 took place on our favorite island of Agersø. B&W received funding from Slots- og kulturstyrelsens sommeraktivitetspulje to host a workshop on identity and belonging.

Dorte balancing complex family histories in and on her head.

Based on our Stammbaum Project, our entire family invited islanders and vacationers to tell family stories, draw family trees and build kinetic sculptures, or mobiles, from natural materials. We once again found the building and discussion of the “Uro”, as the mobile is called in Danish (with a whole range of additional meanings spanning from “unrest” an “anxiety” to “excitement” and “alarm”), to work well as an approach to materialise our ever moving, carefully balanced, mixed, changing, patchwork and rainbow families.

The project was made possible by a grant from: