Rules and Games

In 2018 a whole wing of the Artmuseum of the Swiss capital Bern was transformed into the “République Génial”, in an experiment that put some radical ideas by artist and researcher of ideas (“Ideenforscher”) Robert Filiou to the test.

We were invited to teach a workshop for students of the Master’s degree course “Contemporary Arts Practice” at the University of the Arts in Bern, and decided to invite them to explore “Rules and Games”. Memories of childhood games lead to collective thinking about who makes the rules for the games we play in everyday life. Finally we replayed some of these childhood games, tweaked the rules and were amazed of how “choreographed” the results looked.

A game of our own invention, ReMaKaDo, a life size version of a version of Mikado that Dorte played in her childhood with miniature models of household objects, gardening tools and weapons, was presented by Dorte and Ronja as part of “Das dicke Ende”, the performative closing event that Jörn co-curated and performed a running performance in.