How Monday mornings became our favourite part of the week

Teach Each Other Mondays, Season 2020/2021

Concluding the first season of Teaching Each Other, the largest project B&W realised to date, we are grateful and humbled to see a small community growing around our ideas. We wish to thank all participants of our Monday morning meetings, our hosts at Forsøgsstationen, and our wonderful guest teachers from across the performing and performance arts.

Looking back, we remember ten mornings of sharing a wide range of different personal and professional knowledge. In September we collectively created four large monsters that seem to have guided us through this adventure. In October, we walked and mapped collective memories with David Sebastian Lopez Restrepo. In November, we stared down the barrel of Tove Vestmø’s family gun. In December we sang, chewed apples and smelled shoes with Henrik and Ellen from Live Art Danmark. After a long and tedious corona break, we finally met again in April to re-write personal performance memories with Sara Hamming. In May we met every single Monday and discovered our family animals with Camilla Graff Junior, healed our backs and explored ideal working spaces with Lotte Faarup, told stories of scars and scares with Jesper la Cour, stretched into Xes and ran as a pack with Marlene Bonnesen and finally turned ourselves into Übermarionetten with Øyvind Kirchhoff.

We wish to express our gratitude to Lotte and Øyvind from Forsøgsstationen, who hosted us throughout the season and believed in our ideas from the beginning, and to our guest artists, who generously shared their practices, working methods and themes.

Fluid Academy

On May 14 to 16 we held a fresh edition of our Fluid Academy to take our experiments with non-hierarchical teaching and learning one step further. For one weekend, we abandoned the teacher position, made coffee and opened a studio just to see what would happen without any plan to kling to. There is lots to say about these sixteen hours. Not a single minute was wasted. We meandered through all the studios at Forsøgsstationen, balanced sticks on our heads, learned about Laban’s qualities of movement (tried them out of course), made a huge collage of the workshop as a family tree, and always came back to sharing our thoughts in deep, enlightening discussions. Special thanks to Jesper la Cour and Carmen Csilla Medina, who stayed with us for the duration and everyone who dropped by to move things onward in new directions.

Read a text about the first edition of the Fluid Academy here.