Things we are thinking about, and would like to spend more time with one day when the time and the money are right.

We decided not to keep our ideas for future projects secret, like many artists would. There are certainly more ideas than there are time and money, and, more importantly, we don’t believe in originality as a trait of something that one artist, person, group or class owns. We would really like to see which new ideas that we could never have our material might inspire in others. So please help yourselves to whatever you find in these notes. If you find it interesting enough to use, we’d like to hear from you (and be credited when you publish your work).

The Stammbaum Complex

Co-exist with who you are.
Dorte named as a goal in February 2021

This is a large and scarcely defined complex of different thoughts we are quite fascinated with at the moment. One of the questions that keeps popping up when we think of where we come from is: How class-dependent are identity politics? A short intro to where we are at the moment (February 2021) is on our blog.

The Fluid Academy

Under the header “Teach Each Other” we are organising a series of seminars, workshops, meetings and other events about knowledge sharing that is in progress. Read about some of the activities here and here.

We question traditional hierarchies in teaching and learning. Why should there be only one teacher and many students? Why do artists, producers and funders get to decide what happens in a performance, and not the audience?

After a lot of discussions and some practical experimenting, we’d like to expand our ideas of a truly open house to the audience of a festival. The Fluid Academy will be festival that programs itself according to the needs of all who attend it.